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Do You need Gaskets or Packings for various applications such as Steam, Water, Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Slurry, Food Grade & FDA compliant applications.
Gasket Sheet and precut gaskets available in large or small quantities from various materials including.

Natural Rubber,
Cork &

Gaskets are cut from stocks of all leading sheet manufacturers, such as Novus, Beldam & Crossley, Inertex, Flexitallic, Teadite, Klinger, Garlock, James Walker, Montero, & Gore. Along with gaskets to Din, Ansi and British Standards, we can cut any shape or size, using punch, die cut, water jet or Laser technologies. Gaskets can be kiss cut on sheets or rolls. Option for gaskets to be backed by adhesives on one or both sides.

Boiler & Steam Gaskets: Topog E, Metal Spiral-wound, folded wire inserted fiberglass, EPDM & ladder tape available. For thermal cycling applications a corrugated metal core is infused by a seamless layer of graphite to give an excellent seal without the need for re-torqueing.

Foam / Sponge: Expanded EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile or Silicone available in open or closed cell format, with or without adhesive.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets available, using slit, or milled technology. Inside Diameter is either square or rounded. Various inserts including fibre sheet, metal compression ring etc.

Massive range of Packings using the most up to date materials and processes. Available in all standard and non standard sizes. Packing installation & removal kits. Die formed rings & rings cut for specific applications. Customised braiding process available for specific applications.

Lantern rings, throttle bushes & restriction bushes made to order from a number of materials including a patented high performance thermoplastic material.
100% expanded PTFE Joint Sealant, Gasket Tape & Valve Stem packing. See PTFE products.




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