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Moulding & Machining of Pure PTFE into rings, billets, blocks or any conceivable shape you require.

Filled PTFE: We have the ability to blend PTFE powder with any fillers to provide unique service performance for moulded and machined components. Fillers such as glass, bronze or graphite will improve the frictional drag and enhance the load carrying abilities of moving parts. The harder, more wear resistant materials will greatly decrease equipment maintenance.

Expanded PTFE is ideal for rough or damaged flanges. It has excellent Chemical resistance and superb tensile strength. We looked at many manufacturers of expanded PTFE and found a particular gasket to be the best. It formed the tightest gasket among two dozen of the most popular expanded PTFE based gasketing products in the market.

Made entirely using only the finest Du-Pont Teflon resin.
Seals even at low loads.
Cuts down on inventory.

100% expanded virgin PTFE,
Temp range - 230°C to + 315 °C,
pH range 0 – 14,
Non contaminating, non toxic,
Pressure range: full vacuum to 210 bar (3000psi), Extremely soft, excellent conformability,
Low coefficient of friction (0.02—like wet ice),
No ageing or hardening in service,
Little creep or cold flow,
FDA compliant.

Expanded PTFE is available in the following form:
Joint Sealant,
Valve Stem Packing,
Thermal cycling Gaskets,
Profiled special application gaskets,
Pre-formed self aligning ring gaskets.

PTFE Thread Seal Tape: Various widths 1/2 “ upwards in standard or high density formats. Used for sealing threaded components, the high density tape will seal after only 1 1/2 - 2 rounds of tape.

Skifed PTFE Tape: Widths up to approx 1m, thickness up to 3mm

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